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Friday, March 23, 2012

A great year!

It has been some time since my last post. Mommying and stuff. It gets busy quick and time passes before your eyes. My little baby is now 1 year old!

I went with a Disney Pixar UP theme. It is very special to me and It was loads of fun to plan. I made 90% of the decoration myself and had so much fun learning how to do everything, using gimp & making treats. I think I found a new hobby!

This is the invitation I made. Has birthday boy Liam and his brother Daniel on it. 

I found a great little shop at Etsy that made these pins for the boys to wear. Love these!
I had to go easy on the labels unfortunately. It was really windy out so I couldn't have any on the tables. These were still fun to make and came out great.

I LOVE these paper straws! I made these little flags to go with them to say "Happy 1st birthday Liam, 3.18.11".

I transformed a little wooden birdhouse into an UP house. It had balloons, but the wind blew or popped most of them. The banner on the table reads: "Spirit of Adventure". I made my own copy off of one I saw on Etsy. Took me ages to get the text just right. I am a bit of a perfectionist and I just had to have it look exact. 

Vintage soda's to go with my vintage feel. And of course Grape Soda. :)
These brownie pops were a big hit with the lil ones. They are covered in thousands of tiny balloons, hehe! Oh so fun to make!

Trail mix waffle cones, mmm yummy!

Can't have a party with some sandwiches. Chicken and provolone, Ham and cheddar on super delicious yeast rolls. 

And of course CAKE!
We had such a fun day at the park for Liam's first birthday!
I love him soo! Can't wait to plan Daniel's 5th birthday party! This was so much fun!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Quinoa Crusted Baked Chicken

Last night I made a super yummy meal that I had never made before and I was super pleased with the outcome. It was one of those last minute experiments that kinda got thrown together. I love those! The best part was that I was able to turn it into baby food for my 6 month old. The first time we all ate the same dinner together. The above final picture was taken in such a rush and is actually Daniel's serving, hence the Diego place mat  Everyone was so starving that when I tried to get a good final photo the food was half eaten. I'll take this as a good sign. :)

Here's what you do. Start by boiling  1 cup of quinoa. (keen-wa)
Add Italian style breadcrumbs to the quinoa till fluffy. Then add salt, black pepper and garlic powder or Adobo to taste. It will look like this.

Cut your chicken into strips any size you like. I chose smaller sized strips for my son. Coat your chicken with quinoa mix. This part was almost like coating the chicken in dough since the quinoa is sticky and crumbly. Fill a pan with olive oil and fry till brown. About 5 minutes. 

Once all the chicken is fried, place them all in the oven to bake for 15 minutes. With that I added cheesy potato julienne as a side dish in single serve loat pans.I have been looking for an excuse to use them. The were only a dollar at Micheal's!

I warmed a pot of pasta sauce and poured on top of the chicken then served.  Yummy!

For the baby, I grabbed one crusted chicken put it in the food processor, added 2 oz of formula and blended. 

 Liam LOVED it. Dinner for all was a success AND it was healthy. 

Happy eating!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sick Season

 When you are a mom, getting sick is not an option, but it is inevitable. It seems to always hit me quick and hard and never during the weekend. I have been unable to move from my couch all day. Thankfully Dave stayed home and helped out with the baby since I was pretty much a zombie all day.


 Or actually it should be "Grainsssss!" since it is Vegan Month of Food. I had planned a cookie post, but that will have to be for the weekend. Till then stay healthy my friends!